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Welcome to Farm Journal Field Days™ Harvest Edition

Harvest is in full swing for farmers across the country. As the seasons of agriculture change, so does Farm Journal Field Days, bringing you the news, information and resources you need to benefit your operation now and throughout the year.

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What Will FJFD Harvest Edition Offer?

On the Main Stage…

  • Early Riser Sessions—Every Tuesday at 8 a.m. CT
    • Storage Strategies for the Long Haul
    • Succession Planning for Your Farm
    • Fall Field Rescue Tips
    • Conservation Tills Dos and Don’ts
    • Strategies for Buying Seed and Other Farm Inputs
  • Industry experts share insights on harvest
  • Other news, information and resources

In the Expo Hall…

Farm Journal Field Days partner companies will bring you product and equipment demonstrations, a look at what’s new with technology and other tools and resources you need this season.

In the Networking Lounge…

Chat with others about what you’re seeing and learning as well as how harvest is going across farm country.

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